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  • Yes, this is Heidy’s new website. From the end of 2021 and beyond, Heidy will be releasing new content here and only here!
    To follow Heidy, we are linking her instagram profiles below!

  • 1) Heidy liked the idea of having her own website more than being featured elsewhere. This way, she isn’t tied to the “styles” that our other websites adhere to.
    2) Heidy will shoot often, which allows more updates on her own website than at the primary websites. More content, more Heidy!
    3) This is still a test for us. We don’t know what will happen in the future for other similar websites.

  • The simple answer: More money for Heidy on an official website.

    To go into a little more detail, crowd funding websites are third parties. This means your content may be fine, but if it ever crosses their invisible line, then they have free reign to terminate your account for whatever reason. Current crowd funding systems are also difficult to navigate, with sub-standard ways of delivering content (amount of photos in a set, videos, etc). There are too many limits for what we desire.

    The other big reason is security. HeidyPino will use our high security methods to reduce piracy, fraud, and other ways people try to steal content. Most websites are very lackluster in how they protect their models. With an official website, we can protect Heidy and other models with our proprietary security that reduces a large amount of pirated content. There is no other modeling website that does a better job at this than us.

  • That is yet to be seen.

    Note: HeidyPino is not exclusively for Heidy. There may be guest models, or features with another model. Please keep this in mind.

  • This is not a membership website. It is a pay per set website. Simply click on the set you are interested in to buy.

    Purchasing will direct you to our sister website, where the final transaction will take place. Reason being: this is easier for us as all the support systems are in place there to process orders.